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Young Adult Literature - Wolves of the Brazos (Book Three: The Ghosts of Minera Springs) - Ebook

Young Adult Literature - Wolves of the Brazos (Book Three: The Ghosts of Minera Springs) - Ebook

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Genre: Romance Thriller/Young Adult Literature

Publication Date: June 9, 2023

Length: 356 pages

In this young adult literature novel, just as life seems to settle for Tobi and her fiancé, Riley's estranged father resurfaces in town. Initially, Riley brushes him aside, but his father's earnest plea forces Riley to listen.

James's revelation leads them both into the clutches of a formidable drug lord who commands a ruthless gang known as 'The Wolves of the Brazos.' Isolated and devoid of assistance, Riley must place his trust in his unreliable father to extricate them from this dire predicament, or face imminent danger.

Tobi, refusing to stand idly by, embarks on a relentless quest to locate Riley. Armed only with the scant details he provided before leaving with his father, she refuses to give up.

As Riley faces a seemingly insurmountable predicament, his determination to return to the love of his life fuels his resilience.

Tobi's unwavering commitment drives her to find him, even if it means risking her own life.

But in this perilous hunt, The Wolves of the Brazos prove to be formidable adversaries who rarely miss their mark.


(Romantic suspense, romance thriller, coming of age, small town, young adult literature)

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Sofia de Anda

Wolves of the Brazos (Book Three: The Ghosts of Minera Springs)

jennifer davis

I was so excited to be jumping back into Minera Springs and seeing where Riley and Tobi were in their lives. This book picks up not too long after the ending of book 2. Riley and Tobi are enjoying being engaged, and relaxing in the happiness of their friends and family around them. Things change though when Riley’s estranged father shows up asking for help. He ends up dragging a resistant Riley into his mess, and things only get worse from there. Riley and James are held captive by a greedy, eccentric, power obsessed man. Tobi isn’t one to sit on the sidelines when it involves Riley. She knows something is wrong, and sets out to find him with the help of her former Texas Ranger grandfather and their friends. Will they find them in time? Or will the wolves get to Riley and James first?

These books are so much fun to read! They’re definitely YA, with a bit of mystery and intrigue. This installment was more of a thriller than mystery, and it kept me turning the pages. I could not put this down, and finished it in a day. Riley and Tobi have such a pure and sweet relationship that every interaction with them leaves you smiling wanting more! This series is so well written and the character so well developed that you can’t help but get invested into their lives. I can’t wait for the next installment!

Crystal Meginness
Charles blends wholesome and dark perfectly together.

Riley & Tobi just can’t catch a break!!! Despite it all they remain true to themselves and are continuing to grow and their love for one another is unmatched.

I was excited to head back to Minera Springs and see what adventures my favorite characters found themselves in. I did find this story a tad more darker than the rest, when it comes to the Wolves and what they do. I’m not going to lie I was getting worried towards the end and I that thought had me scrolling through pages as fast as I could read to see what happened. This 3rd book in the series was definitely more fast paced and I love that for thrillers! To be kept on the edge of my seat is how I like to be when reading them!

Bree has become a favorite character and I sure do hope she gets a happy ending at some point because she deserves it.

Is it weird that I want to call this book wholesome even though it deals with dark stuff? Because despite the awful things that this town and our beloved characters have to deal with there is just pure love and togetherness that surrounds them. It’s such a feel good feeling seeing their interactions with each other and in the ways they deal with said problems.

Overall another wonderful suspenseful read!

Tashia Ohler
They just keep getting better!

Just when you think things have settled down in Minera Springs, things heat up! This book is even more action-packed, suspenseful, and hooks you right in!

The book starts in one of the best ways, a wedding between one of our beloved older couples. The questions of what's to come started when Ida tells Tobi and Bree about the Wolves of the Brazos. Every time a story is told in this little town, it seems to cause a bit of trouble! However, as usual, Riley's daddy shows up to spoil a happy moment. Riley's daddy pulls the gang into another dangerous situation, this time with the drug lord of Texas. One major problem is James convinces everyone to keep it a secret from Paw Pete!

When Riley goes with James on a mission to help him steal money for his debt, is where the suspense starts and never stops. Now things couldn't go more wrong. Being captured and beaten seems like the worst possible outcome until they learn they have entered the land of the Wolves.

Tobi realizes something is horribly wrong and has no choice but to tell Paw Pete, her retired Texas Ranger grandfather. While he promises to get Riley back, you know our girls Tobi and Bree won't sit on the sidelines. Riley saved her once, and she's going to get her man back. So, with Bree, Rachel(Riley's mama), and Deputy Talley going along, Tobi sets out to get Riley back.

Of course, the gang runs into trouble while searching for Riley and James. They also learn Riley and James are now being hunted by the Wolves of the Brazos. With then fighting for their lives, who is going to save Riley and James?

Paw Pete comesto the rescue with the backup of Joe, Harold, Tyrone, and the Walcott brothers. I'd be lying if I said I didn't shed a few tears and the realization that the group of vets didn't come to save their boy Riley. You just knew deep down everything would be okay.

The dual point of view and the ever growing relationships between the characters are my favorite parts. The development of Riley and Tobi, watching them come into adult good. Seeing them struggle with forgives and faith when times are tough. It all makes them feel realistic, and their devotion to each other and their loved ones helps you become addicted to the story. I truly hope Riley and Tobi get their happily ever after.

I can't wait to see what Minera Springs has in store for us next!!

And the adventure continues!!

Just like the 1st 2 books, Wolves of the brazos did not disappoint. Charles Franklin took it up a notch and made book 3 and amazing fast passed thriller. There was action, mystery, the thrill of a chace,and still had that small town feeling that the previous books have had. I have a very sour spot for Riley's "daddy" so when he came in to town asking for her with some illigal activities I was frustrated and annoyed right there with Toby. In true Minera spring fashion Toby went after her love just like he has done for her. The event that happen in between are just wow I was wonderfully surprised at every turn of the page so much so that I've read this book twice! This book pulled at my heart strings as well as had me on the edge of my seat!