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Young Adult Literature - The Ghosts of Minera Springs (Book One: The Ghosts of Minera Springs)

Young Adult Literature - The Ghosts of Minera Springs (Book One: The Ghosts of Minera Springs)

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Genre: Romance Thriller/Young Adult Literature

Publication Date: February 3, 2023

Length: 238 pages

Everyone says things are different in Minera springs. From the outside, it looks like an average little Texas town. But it has dark secrets.

In this piect of young adult literature, Tobi Sloan is sent to live with her grandparents while her mama tries to get clean. Things on the farm in 1982 aren't so bad, though. That is, until Tobi meets a boy named Riley, who shares scary tales about their quiet little town.

He tells her of the Union Hill Bride, who murdered her husband and still wanders the countryside. And there’s the creature who lives beneath the bridge, feeding on passersby.

When several girls around the county go missing, their tall tales don’t seem so far-fetched anymore. Which ones are true, though? Tobi doesn’t believe in nonsense like monsters and evil spirits.

But, as her mama once told her, we all have our ghosts. 


(Romance Thriller, Romantic Suspense, Coming of age, Small Town, Young Adult Literature)

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Small town thriller

plot: This book follows Tobi and Riley through adolescences to late teenage years. Tobi is dropped off at her grandparents house when she's 10 and "abandoned" by her mother while she strives for a better life for both of them. Riley instantly knows that Tobi will be a special person in his life. Soon they meet and become best friends. Slowly they get closer and closer while having to deal with the adult world and crimes going on in their city. At first this is a childhood ghost story type of phenomena for them. While trying to stay kids having fun and exploring, they are forced into situations and problems they should never have to deal with at the time. They soon realize that the ghost stories and rumors that all the kids around town talk about are starting to become real life horrors that they do not want to be involved in.
opinion: I thought this book was really good. I love how we got to see the beginning of their relationship and got to see them grow together. I think that it was nice to see such a solid relationship last the distance it did with the two of them and am happy they had each other to lean on throughout all the hardships they had to face. This book made me so emotional, I haven't cried for a book in a while and this book had me in tears. Once I got halfway I could not put this book down, I NEEDED to see how it would end.

The Word Count (
Tender and enchanting story!

Charles Franklin tells a beautiful story of love, friendship, adventure, and growing up. With the added spice of being a spooky thriller, this story was delightful to experience. I most enjoyed the pacing of Franklin’s suspense building and the meticulous foreshadowing.
The Ghosts of Minera Springs is a delightful and unforgettable tale that beautifully explores the transformative power of friendship and young love. The expertly paced romantic subplot between childhood friends Riley and Tobi is the icing on the cake.

jennifer davis
Amazing start

This book was absolutely fantastic! It was so well written, and the story just literally pulls you in straight from the beginning pages. I read this book in one day because I could not put it down. The characters are so well developed, the story itself is written seamlessly, and the mystery that is weaved throughout the book just sucks you in resulting in a book that keeps you turning the pages. I am normally not a fan of multiple time jumps in a story, but the author did these so well that it just made sense and I never felt like I was missing chunks of the story. And Tobi and Riley were just made for each other. Their innocent love is forged through some very difficult life events, but one thing they can always rely on is their friendship and each other. I love how we literally get to witness them grow up together, and see their feelings and relationship grow and mature. I am so invested in these two that I cannot wait for book 2 to continue their story. I cannot recommend this book enough if you love a YA mystery, suspense novel.

Crystal Meginness
This book will tug at your heart strings, make you laugh and cry!

This book was an easy read, one you read in one sitting. I will say that the first half was a bit slower side but the blooming relationship between the 2 main characters kept my attention. Based of the summary of the story I thought we would see more of the thrills early on, but they didn’t really pick up until a little over half way through. There was a few sprinkles of suspense in the first half though and I did enjoy the build up storyline of Riley & Tobi. There is the small country town vibes, where you feel like you are there in Minera Springs. I loved the childhood friendship that Riley & Tobi had and loved watching it blossom as they grew older and experienced life lessons and how they matured through those lessons. I absolutely adored the relationship between Tobi and her Maw Blanch and Paw Pete, they gave the most warm and fuzzy feelings. Can I have a Maw & Paw in my life?! I wanted a little more closer on Julie but just like in real life with those situations there usually isn’t. That whole situation with her and Wes really tugged at my heart. Overall this is a great book with a little of everything, young love, coming of age, ghost stories and murder/mystery. I can’t wait to see what adventures book 2 takes us on with Riley & Tobi.

Tashia Ohler
Highly enjoyable

This is not my typical book of choice, however, was so good that I had to keep reading to see what happens.

I enjoyed the dual points of view of Tobi and Riley, how they found their person and grew through their pain together. Adventures and first loves, mixed with ghost stories and murder. It was nice to see the development of the main characters as they grew from age 10 to 18. The heartache and sadness you could feel through them actually brought me to tears at one point. When the suspense that hit, when trying to figure out the who and why I knew, I'd love this book.

I can't wait to read the 2nd one and see where Tobi and Riley's story goes next!