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Young Adult Literature - The Ghosts of Minera Springs - Series Bundle

Young Adult Literature - The Ghosts of Minera Springs - Series Bundle

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Genre: Young Adult Literature

Delve into the heart of Minera Springs, an unassuming Texas town hiding spine-tingling mysteries beneath its tranquil façade. Follow the captivating journey across three gripping volumes that unravel the chilling secrets of this enigmatic town.

Book One - The Ghosts of Minera Springs (Romance Thriller):

Everyone says things are different in Minera springs. From the outside, it looks like an average little Texas town. But it has dark secrets.

In 1982, Tobi Sloan is sent to live with her grandparents while her mama tries to get clean. Things on the farm aren't so bad, though. That is, until Tobi meets a boy named Riley, who shares scary tales about their quiet little town.

He tells her of the Union Hill Bride, who murdered her husband and still wanders the countryside. And there’s the creature who lives beneath the bridge, feeding on passersby.

When several girls around the county go missing, their tall tales don’t seem so far-fetched anymore. Which ones are true, though? Tobi doesn’t believe in nonsense like monsters and evil spirits.

But, as her mama once told her, we all have our ghosts.

Book Two - Summer's Coven (Romance Thriller):

Experience a different kind of summer in Minera Springs. While the season typically brings lazy lakeside days and wild bonfire nights, this year, the town is shrouded in a chilling mystery.

In the scorching summer of 1991, a wave of murders casts a dark shadow over Minera Springs. Young men's lifeless bodies turn up throughout the town, sparking fear and paranoia. Authorities suspect a coven of witches is behind the gruesome deaths. Tobi and Riley, initially cautious, pledge to let Deputy Talley and the F.B.I. handle the investigation.

However, when the killings draw closer, Tobi and Riley are compelled to take matters into their own hands. Among the influx of new faces in town, potential coven members lurk, and the duo must make accurate accusations, for their lives could be the next in jeopardy.

Book Three - Wolves of the Brazos (Romance Thriller):

Just as life seems to settle for Tobi and her fiancé, Riley's estranged father resurfaces in town. Initially, Riley brushes him aside, but his father's earnest plea forces Riley to listen.

James's revelation leads them both into the clutches of a formidable drug lord who commands a ruthless gang known as 'The Wolves of the Brazos.' Isolated and devoid of assistance, Riley must place his trust in his unreliable father to extricate them from this dire predicament, or face imminent danger.

Tobi, refusing to stand idly by, embarks on a relentless quest to locate Riley. Armed only with the scant details he provided before leaving with his father, she refuses to give up.

As Riley faces a seemingly insurmountable predicament, his determination to return to the love of his life fuels his resilience.

Tobi's unwavering commitment drives her to find him, even if it means risking her own life.

But in this perilous hunt, The Wolves of the Brazos prove to be formidable adversaries who rarely miss their mark.

The Ghosts of Minera Springs young adult literature trilogy concludes with a tale of love, sacrifice, and the indomitable spirit of those willing to face both the supernatural and the criminal underworld to protect the ones they hold dear.


(Romance Thriller, Romantic Suspense, Coming of age, Small Town, Young Adult Literature)

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